Deserted in Paradise

You’ve been invited to the manor of a mysterious man named Mr. Evans, who claims to have a job opportunity for you. After arriving, you discover that he’s nowhere to be found, and you have no way off the island. The reason for his disappearance and why he brought you to the island is unknown, but the good news is you’re not trapped on the island alone.
Spend your time how you want. Build your relationship up with each girl to progress her story and events. The game is currently in it’s first release version, but already contains over 800 images, and all 10 girls have at least 2 events each.‚Äč

Made for 0.2.6 of Deserted in Paradise

From mirror: - Android Patched v0.1
Fay's relationship changed from "friend" to "sister". Some dialog changed to match.
Drop the patch file into the "game" folder.