At the crossroads of all universes, shrouded in Fogs stands Eternal Rome, a city of fortunes and calamities, opulence and crushing poverty. Human life is cheap, but its worth can be calculated precisely. Especially by those of the Slaver’s Guild. This is a dirty business, and business is booming.

Step into the shoes of a slave trainer. Acquire unique girls with different personalities. Bend them to your will and remake them as you see fit. Then sell them for shining sparks and become rich, or keep them as your trophies. Only you can decide, for you are their sovereign master. You, the Jack-o-nine-tails!‚Äč

Made for 2.2.1 of Jack-o-nine-tails

From mirror:
anonfiles.com - workupload.com - gofile.io - pixeldrain.com
Pictures and Json file replacement to include back the full content into the game, if you have downloaded the "no-loli version" of Jack-o-nine-tails.
Replace your existing "Jack-o-nine-tails" folder with the one from the archive. You will be prompted to replace files, do it.